Trust Your Gut Instincts

Gut instinct is crucial in lots of situations. Often we know straight away if we are going to get on with someone, whether we can trust them or if we are on the same wavelength. The same is true with food and our body image. Often we are hungry and an image pops into our head of what our body wants. However, if it's not what we think we "should" eat, we dismiss it and make another choice based on rules or the latest fad diet we are following.




Our body knows what it wants, we now just have to respect it and listen to it. It is so commonsense. In the summer we tend to drink more cool drinks and in the Winter we prefer hot ones. Similarly hotpots, stews and soups are delicious and warming in the winter but naturally in the summer we prefer lighter meals and salads. Our body needs fat, sugar, salt and fluid to function normally. It's now just a matter of when it asks for a particular type of food, you eat it.




Then you need to be listening canada goose online again when it tells you to stop. Because naturally, too much fat, sugar and salt is not good for us. This type of eating is intuitive or "natural". When we are hungry we eat, when we're not we don't. When we are satisfied we stop and don't overeat simply out of habit. I can truly say that since learning to eat naturally 16 years ago I eat half the portion size I used to. However I am now eating 7 times a day instead of 2 or 3. So over the course of the whole day I am actually eating more food than I ever did. The difference is I eat and stop eating when my body tells me to. My metabollism has sped up and my body can process the food efficiently because I am only eating the amount of food my body needs.




I always go with my gut instinct with regard to what I eat, not what I "should" eat. This means I enjoy my food, get satisfaction from it and can stop when I've had enough. I don't overeat, because I am so tuned into my body, it won't let me. I also don't have cravings because I allow myself to eat what I want all the time. Therefore I don't end up bingeing to satisfy the cravings we get when we deprive ourselves.




So learn to eat naturally and you will be in control in a natural intuitive way. Instead of having to follow rules, regulations, fad diets or excessive exercise programmes that never last.