Eat Frequently

Eat Frequently Throughout the day to support a healthy Pregnancy




Sometimes the last thing we can imagine doing while pregnant is eatingor, its exactly the opposite. Were either on or off, hot or cold, starving or so nauseous even the thought of food can have us running for the nearest wastebasket. Those feelings are not easily forgotten! Im about to reveal the secret that helped me through morning sickness and nauseousness and yes, it is that i ate to avoid morning sickness and nausea, and it worked.




Here are a few points to help you out:




If you are familiar with toddlers, they eat like six times a day. Morning, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, dinner, and maybe even a canada goose bite before bed. Well, this should be youand if youre pregnant or nursing, a nibble around 2 a. m. is going to be a huge help.




Thin your regular meals out a bit and bulk up your snacks. This is the easiest way to better balance out your eating hours.




Keep in mind, its all about What and when you eat that matters, not that you ate a bag of potato chips because you were hungry. Choose quality proteins and low glycemic index foods to support the proper blood sugar response.




Get rid of all low and non-fat items in your pantry. Both you and your baby need the healthy whole fats for proper brain development.




Get rid of foods with more than 5 ingredients or those you cannot pronounce.




Eliminate natural and artificial flavorings, food dyes, MSG, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and nitrites.




Get healthy doses of Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of cold fish, avocado, and supplementation.




Utilizing these tips will be helpful in keeping your queasy stomach at bay while allowing you to maintain a sustainable eating pattern that will benefit both you and your baby. Being strong and able is first and foremost your goal when pregnant. You need the physical, emotional and mental strength proper diet and supplementation can give you for the ability to have a healthy baby and birth.